Find Your Zen in the Mountains at Marataba Mountain Lodge…

Just a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Johannesburg, yet Marakele National Park feels thousands of miles away. Its mountains and plains, fed by winding rivers and home to wild herds, are much like they were aeons ago. As the safari vehicle climbs up through the Waterberg range to Marataba Trails Lodge, set in this untainted wilderness, you will forget any worries behind.

By reconnecting you with life at its simplest, this is an environment that promotes healing and is the location of our exclusive weekend yoga retreats. It is the antithesis of an urban studio – just nature, pure and simple. Follow a trail through the bush, possibly encountering animals along the way, to find a scenic spot to lay your mat for meditation or yoga. Or practice your discipline on the lodge’s deck, overlooking Waterfall Valley.