Located in a remote and untouched part of the Kariega wilderness, Settlers Drift offers a unique tented safari combined with 5-star luxury. The lodge consists of 9 spacious tented suites, each with stunning views and secluded viewing decks. Gazing down from the decks overlooking the Bushman’s River, it feels as if time has stood still since the last feet to have touched this remote valley were those of the 1820 Settlers as they guided their wagons across the river. The luxuriously appointed and perfectly positioned tented lodge delivers the ultimate guest experience. In the 19th century most land in the Eastern Cape was used for stock farming. Fearing for their families and livestock, settlers living in the area began hunting and exterminating the surrounding African wildlife – a practice which continued well into the 20th century. Needless to say many indigenous animals became greatly endangered and in some cases, close to extinction. In any event, most were completely wiped out from the Eastern Cape.